My Favorite Toy Storage Solution

16. February 2017 Organizing 0
My Favorite Toy Storage Solution


Toy Storage That Kids Can Use


My kids have a lot of toys. A lot. They have so many toys that whenever we’ve had workers come into our house, they’ve commented on how many toys our kids own. To make matters worse, we’re in an 1,100 square foot condo with no garage or outside storage. That means, everything we own is in our unit. Everything. Holiday décor, camping gear, all weather clothing, etc., etc., etc. There is no extra closet space to rotate or hide toys.


As I’ve mentioned, I hate clutter. Unfortunately for me, I live with constant clutter. My kids have uncles and grandparents who love to spoil them with toys so even though we don’t buy them many toys, they have more than enough toys.


My seven year old has gotten better at putting away his toys but my three year old has a lot to learn. Since I have difficulty bending to pick up toys, I have to have toy storage systems that are easy for them to use. I’ve tried baskets, but we ended up having a ton of overflowing baskets and the kids could never find what they were looking for without dumping them out.



Find Proper Storage Solutions for Toys


My biggest toy challenges are LEGOS for my older son and trains for my younger son. Since my older son is better at putting things away, I started with his toy storage.


I originally had a bunch of really cute LEGO storage containers that stacked and were pretty, but not functional. The problem was, my son didn’t have anywhere to build, so he would use his little brother’s table. He also could never find anything since there were multiple containers. All that resulted in him not playing with his LEGOS much.


organize toy clutter
Corral toy clutter with the right storage.



I did a lot of hunting on Pinterest for different storage options. I came across cute LEGO tables, but they didn’t have storage. I needed storage for LEGOS, as well as some of the other toys that keep making their way into the living room.


While I hate having toys all over the living room, the reality is, we are in a small space and don’t have a toy room. In addition, my boys like to play where we are, so they always drag their toys to the living room. And really, I enjoy listening to them play and make up story lines. I feel like I don’t have many more years of my seven year old sharing with me so I’m relishing the time.


After my Pinterest research, I had a semi-plan. I wanted to make a “play room” in our living room that has storage. I took some measurements and headed to IKEA with a loose plan in place. I wanted to get bookshelves to bookend a LEGO table.


I ended up purchasing two IKEA KALLAX shelf units to bookend the space. They have four cube storage spaces each so we could store books in one cube, superhero toys in another and larger cars and trucks in the remaining baskets.


For the center, I was planning to get a table or two, but after seeing the IKEA TROFAST storage unit, I thought that would be a better option. My son would have tons of space for his LEGOS and we could also store Hot Wheels and his mini figures all in one place. This system opened up space in their bedroom so I could get rid of the living room baskets full of books.


Since he uses the TROFAST for LEGO storage, I velcro’d LEGO mats on the top of the table and bought two IKEA MAMMUT stools for him and his brother to use (because his brother wants everything he has).


The system works great! He goes straight to his LEGO table the second he walks in the door and plays for hours. He actually asks for the iPad much less now that he has easy access to his favorite toys.


toy clutter solution
toy clutter solution


Since the TROFAST works so well for LEGOS, I decided to put one in the kids’ room for trains. My little one loves to play with trains but doesn’t really use the tracks as much. He prefers to free play in the hallway or on the bedroom floor. He builds tracks in the bedroom, but since he didn’t have easy storage, everything just stayed on the floor.


Even though he isn’t the best at putting his trains or tracks away, the new system makes clean up go much quicker! I can sit on the floor and just drop the trains in the labeled bins. He knows where to find things when they are put away so I don’t have to hunt for trains…assuming they get put away!


train clutter solution
train clutter solution



I’ve been really happy with these toy systems so I hope they will help your family corral the crazy toy clutter. Have you found any secret strategies for keeping your toys in order?



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