How I Save Money at Target

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How I Save Money at Target

Tips to Save Money on Everything at Target


I used to joke that there must be a $100 cover charge at Target because I could never leave the store without spending at least $100. Since I started grocery shopping at Target, I’ve had to make some changes to my impulse shopping or we’d go broke!


Now that I’m there frequently, I’ve discovered how much I can save at Target versus my local grocery store. Of course, every now and then, I’m still tempted by non-essentials, but for the most part, I save a significant amount on groceries, cleaning products and other household items.



My Quick Guide to Saving Money at Target

Here’s how I manage to save on average $10 – $20 on groceries and other items at Target.


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  1. Sign up for the Target Red Card: If you haven’t signed up for a Target Red Card, stop reading and sign up immediately. I get it, you don’t want another credit card. I didn’t either, so my Red Card is linked to my bank card. You will save 5% off EVERYTHING. There are no exclusions – everything you buy at Target from underwear for your kids to organic milk qualifies for the additional 5% off. If you pair this with sale prices, coupons and Target Cartwheel, you can save a lot of money with little effort.



  1. Sign up for the Target Cartwheel App: If you are hesitant to get a new card and need to think on it, don’t hesitate on the Target Cartwheel app. The Cartwheel app is a free download that’s only purpose is to save you money (well, they probably track your shopping habits, but that doesn’t bother me). I check it before I go into the store to see if anything from my grocery list is on the Cartwheel app. Just today, I saved 25% off the orange juice I was already buying, 5% off the spices and Soy Sauce I needed, 30% off the Danimals smoothies my kids guzzle and 5% off organic beef. While 5% doesn’t seem like a huge savings, bear in mind, I’m also saving 5% with my Target Red Card.


save money at Target
Download the Cartwheel app for immediate savings.


  1. Plan Ahead: I keep a running list on my phone of things I may need in the future so that if I see them on sale, I can get them now. For example I always make Easter baskets for my boys and my nieces. I try to stick to mostly candy-free baskets so I’m always on the lookout for coloring books, books, stickers, socks or puzzles in the Dollar Spot section. I also keep an eye on the Toys and Sports section of the Cartwheel app in case something my kids want is on sale. A few weeks ago, Barbie was 50% off! I don’t have girls, but I figure, eventually, something the boys like will also show up.


save money at Target
Plan your savings with the Target Cartwheel app.




  1. Watch for Sales: Target regularly has sales on items we use frequently. Sometimes I earn a Target gift card for items we need (such as diapers or cleaning products) and sometimes there is a great deal on clothing for the kids. I keep an eye on their circular and buy non-essentials when they are on sale.


save money at Target
Visit the Target website or check your circular to stay on top of deals.



  1. Skip the Non-Essentials: If you have a tough time walking past the tank top or scarf without buying it, don’t go near it. When I grocery shop at Target, I go straight to the grocery section. I don’t roam around the clothing area since I am a sucker for Target clothing and I definitely don’t pass the home décor section since they’ve really stepped up their décor game. I go straight to groceries and just buy what I need, although I do pass by the end caps in case there is a great deal on something we use regularly.


  1. Shop the End Caps: As I mentioned, I always pass by the end caps in the grocery section to see if there is a great deal. Many times, manufacturers brand products around a sponsorship and when the sponsorship is over, they need to unload the specially branded product. I have bought theme granola bars for $1.50 a box when they are normally $2.49 a box. You can also get a good deal on discontinued or holiday theme items to use next year. I once bought 100 red paper plates after Christmas for $1. Guess what? Red is also popular at Valentine’s Day so I gifted the plates to my sons’ schools for their upcoming parties.


  1. Coupon: I personally don’t do this because I’m really forgetful about using coupons, but Target accepts manufacturer coupons and you can download printable coupons from their website. When you combine manufacturer coupons with Target Red Card and Target Cartwheel, you can save a significant amount of money.



If you are looking for ways to cut your grocery budget, I highly recommend giving Target a shot. I started grocery shopping at Target at the beginning of last year and have noticed a big change in our family’s budget.


I never considered Target in the past because we eat mostly organic food (particularly dairy, proteins and produce) but Target carries many organic products so I haven’t had to compromise. There are some weeks where I go to a second store to supplement produce since Target doesn’t always have the best selection, but I can usually get the majority of my grocery shopping done at Target.



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